Dr.Groove Club

Dr Groove 2013 Musical Journey from Jyrki Kontio on Vimeo.

Motorcycle rides

Road trip to Stavanger.

12-Wheel Road Trip to Stavanger from Jyrki Kontio on Vimeo.

Ride Back Home - is this a music video?



My friend Jaakko turned a round number, I was unable to attend the party (see this for the reason), so I made video for the occasion. I was kind of there.

Jaakko Tulta Dr.Groove band from Jyrki Kontio on Vimeo.

My mentor and friend, Dieter Rombach also turned a round number of years (I must be getting old!) and as I also missed this party, I made a quick B-Day wish. Too bad you can't see the baritone and toner in the back seat.


World music adventures

Porsaita äidin in 5/4 A Cappella

Traditional Scandinavian Christmas carol is given a facelift by Dr.Groove.

Porsaita Äidin a cappella from Jyrki Kontio on Vimeo.


Barry's Hawaiian Song

This song is for Barry Boehm. The video intro will tell the details.


A session at Haapavesi Folk Music Festival

I volunteered as one of the drummers in this piece.

Videos from Dr.Groove's 50's Rock party on Nov 26, 2011

Here are some great videos from the party. My favorite is the last one: Smoke on the Water.

Thank you video from Dr.Groove

Good overview of the party.


Intro a cappella solo: Lady Madonna


Rastiveikot quartet: Ukko on jo vanha (indeed he is!)

Content Provider by Dr.Groove

Cry Me a River by Suvi and Kalle

One by Kirsi and Tracy

Dragons Are Gone by Dr.Groove

All Shook Up by "Elvis"

Hound Dog by "Elvis"

Love Me Tender by "Elvis"

Jailhouse Rock by "Elvis"

Blue Suede Shoes by "Elvis"

Johnny B. Goode by "Elvis"

Johnny B Goode by "Elvis" at Dr.Groove 50s Rock event from Jyrki Kontio on Vimeo.

Smoke on the Water by the all star band